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Gallery for artists to display their work.
Well, we finally have our first artist on display, Dale McFarland is a sports artist from Sharon, Pa.  If you enjoy his work and would like to discuss how to obtain copies you may contact him at http://www.yessy.com/smac/bio.html or  shockmonster@excite.com
00010.jpg picture by Charliewiener      0004.jpg picture by Charliewiener
0005.jpg picture by Charliewiener            0008.jpg picture by Charliewiener
0009.jpg picture by Charliewiener      jlsmac.jpg picture by Charliewiener
shsmac.jpg picture by Charliewiener                tpsmac.jpg picture by Charliewiener
0002.jpg picture by Charliewiener
So, I lied.  We now have our second artist, cool eh???  William Bevan is a product of Northeast Ohio, Memphis and back to Ohio.  I think you will find his work interesting.  For now if you would like more information you can contact us here at charlie@myebar.net

."I have been working on 100 and near 100 or even over 100 year old paper exploring

themes and moods defined through shape and arrangement." 
Page1021.jpg picture by Charliewiener   craphigh010.jpg picture by Charliewiener
flesh026.jpg picture by Charliewiener   fun144.jpg picture by Charliewiener
gateway089.jpg picture by Charliewiener   gateway092.jpg picture by Charliewiener
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