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Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 21 June 2008
Rules For myEbar.net Website

  1. 1) You must be 21 years of age to be on this site as it pertains to the use and consumption of alcohol. (Sorry kids, you’ll just have to wait a few years just like in a real bar.)  By clicking on the link below you are swearing to be over 21. If you’re not, legally we can come after you, have you drawn and quartered, slap your genitals and put in prison for a hundred years.  myEbar.net is not responsible for your lying and cheating.

  2. 2) All parties are responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted to myEbar.net.  If you say you are five foot six, a hundred and twenty seven pounds and work as an international model, don’t be pisssed when the troll with zits and a huge ass strolling through the barroom door is your date.  Yeah, they thought you’d look like your picture, too.  If you want honesty be honest.

  3. 3) All bars, musicians, comedians, etc. are solely responsible for their schedules, information and performances.  All professionals will be rated by the patrons of this establishment for quality and professionalism.  Bars will be accountable for the information as to quality of service and food, ambience, style of bar, so be honest folks we don’t want someone thinking they are visiting a four star restaurant or upscale bar and walking into a shot and a beer joint with passable burgers.

  4. 4) myEbar.net and all employees, advertisers and subsidiary affiliated persons are not responsible nor can be held liable for any contract, mutually agreed upon date or innocent after dinner drink, blind date, children conceived by or on said date or marriages ruined by you not keeping your shit in your pants.  You are adults what you do is up to you.

  5. 5) Stay seated until the ride comes to a complete and total stop.

  6. 6) We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!  This means if your bar or restaurant is not as advertised, if you receive an over abundance of complaints about your establishment that cannot be easily explained by  vendettas by another joint or a pissy ex, if your place is a punch palace, has a bad reputation with the police for drugs, violence or prostitution you will be removed from this site.

  7. 7) If you claim to be a professional musician, entertainer or comedian and you suck, you will be removed.  We want some quality here. This ain’t American Idol.

  8. 8) Turn all cells phones and pagers off during the show.

  9. 9) If you as a patron are bothering, stalking or making another patron's life a living hell in any way you will be removed and your info will be sent to the nearest police station or Hell’s Angels clubhouse.

  10. 10) If you as a patron are removed, physically tossed out of any myEbar.net affiliated member you will be banned from all member establishments.

  11. 11) Close cover before striking.

  12. 12) As this is a site for people over the age of 21 your pictures and information are your own, we are not your parents.  But please keep this in mind; this is not a porno site.  No explicit or pornographic images or material is to be displayed.  You want to show a little skin, have at it but if you get OBGYN on us you’ll be gone!

  13. 13)  If everyone works together we can have a damn good time, meet some new people, make some new business contacts and help keep the bar scene in this country strong and vibrant.  It seems every time you turn around someone in this country is trying to put bars out of business with laws and controlled behavior; for those of you who enjoy the social networking of a nightclub, bar or restaurant have a little fun and meet some folks from the site.  Remember the majority of bars and restaurants in this country are fun meeting places, responsible businesses to have a few cocktails, talk and laugh in a safe atmosphere.  I’ll sponsor you to a cocktail next time we meet.  Remember for those of you who still like a little tobacco while you’re doing those activities myEbart.net is still smoker friendly.
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