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Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Lowdown on myEbar.net

MyEbar.net is a social and business networking online site which allows its patrons to set up unique personal sites which can be linked to networks of other patrons, businesses and entertainers.  myEbar.net patrons can share and view other profiles, reconnect to old friends as well as meet new associates.  They can set up meetings, share pics, post thoughts   in the Rants & Raves Section.  Obviously some information will be displayed on your profile sheets but only the minimum, if you want more info displayed that is your prerogative.  You may change your profile information, contact information and display set up any time you wish.  

We care about your privacy as we care about our own and will neither sell nor share any information you provide with any other server, the government or any other organization.  If you have any questions about why we ask for the information we ask for or how that information will be used please contact our high powered attorneys at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Information Collected and its Use on myEbar.net

We here at myEbar.net will ask for more information than most websites such as name, address, email address, age and birth date for several reasons.  First it is to authenticate users and also to be able to send along specials and notifications pertinent to your interests.  Also we ask for more to protect patrons from nutcases.  It is our hope that by asking for more information we will weed out those who wish to remain totally anonymous for reasons only they can understand.  We also ask for information so as to make it easier to assist patrons finding others with similar interests, of similar age (if pertinent), business background and tastes in bars and restaurants.

myEbar.net will log non-person identifiable information such as IP address, profile info, user data and browser type so as to mange our website better and track usage.  This information may be shared as congregate data for use in advertising and promotion of this website.  User IP address, home addresses, et all are saved for security and monitoring purposes.

Patrons pics, profile info and user names are displayed in order to facilitate user social intercourse within the myEbar.net system.  Email addresses are so other patrons can easily make contact with you, so you can meet new patrons and so we can send you notifications of anything that might be of import to you.  These email addresses will not be shared or displayed within your profile, it is up to you to share such information with whomever you wish.  We would suggest you only share your myEbar.net address with people you don’t know, safety first kids.  Communicate with each other only through this service until you’ve thoroughly checked each other out.  We never directly reveal patrons names to other members or any outside services.  If you are interested in finding or having old friends find you we suggest you list schools attended, names and all information relevant on your non displayed information site.  We’ll make the connection.  

We will probably use your email address to send along updates about myEbar.net or if we ever get it together a newsletter or some such thing.  If you don’t want more crap in you inbox all you have to do is change your notification setting on the first piece of email to “Do not send me any more of this crap”

If we decide to have contests or cosponsor sweepstakes with outside advertisers we might ask for a bit more info or ask you to answer questions which are none of our business.  If you want to win answer if you don’t care tell us to leave you alone, it’s that simple.  If you don’t want to receive coupons for bars, restaurants or booze and beer tell us and we won’t send along these offers otherwise if we think it is worthwhile we will send along the goodies.

Use of Cookies and Other Sweets

We at myEbar.net don’t particularly like the use of cookies but we also understand that in order for this site to actually work we have a need of them.  Unfortunately we need to use these cookies, non-frosted we must admit, to store patrons preferences and session info so as that we might have the ability to send along offers you might find enticing.  It’s the way of the world.  We will not link any information stored in cookies to any personally identifiable information.  Though you should have the capacity to set your browser to accept or reject these cookies-check your “Help” menu.  Unfortunately you will need to accept cookies from myEbar.net or the site won’t work for you.  Please understand some of our advertisers will probably use cookies of their own and will set and access those said same cookies.  Advertisers use of cookies are subject to their own privacy policies, not the brilliant ones of myEbar.net.

Links to Other Sites

We offer links to other patrons and business sites. Please be apprised they may add cookies to their sites and myEbar.net is not responsible for privacy policies of those sites and/or practices of those same businesses.  Read their stuff if you want to know what they are about, myEbar.net can only govern and police our own site.


We assume since you are over twenty one and have lived a little while in this world that you are aware that anything you post either on your personal page or in chat rooms, blogs or bitch sessions can be viewed by the entire world.  Don’t post anything you are ashamed of wouldn’t wanted your mother to see.  We are a great big billboard that can be viewed by family, friends, employers and prospective employers.  People who read what you write might want to contact you based of those postings so take a moment before you post and think.

Your Personal or Professional Webpage

You are responsible for all information on your webpage.  myEbar.net is not your mommy and daddy, we will not tell you what to put on or not put on your webpage but you are responsible for keeping that information current and truthful.  All you have to do is log onto the Edit profile tab and you can fix whatever lies you are selling to other patrons.  (No really, we think you look just like Brad Pitt)

Email Choices

If you don’t want to receive email notifications from myEbar.net all you have to do is select “Do not send me notification emails” in the Account Settings portion of your user profile.  Same thing if we decide to start a newsletter of some sort, go to the same user profile and select “I don’t want your lousy newsletter”.

Advertisers and how sneaky they can be

We make our money at myEbar.net by selling a portion of our souls to advertisers.  Some might want to personally send along coupons or ads to you, yes that means cookies which allow the advertiser to compile info about you without really knowing you like we do.  It's OK we know these people they wouldn’t do anything bad with that information. They’re big American businesses and they love you!  Remember this privacy statement only covers our asses not those of our advertisers or whoever else you might go visit.

Security, Security

We use passwords that you create to try to keep the boogey men out.  We will use every precaution at our disposal to protect all of your information.  Your privacy and security are of utmost concern to myEbar.net!  No one, and we mean no one, will have access to your private information except those employees who absolutely must access that info for the performance of their jobs, i.e. technical or customer service staff.  And if they were to leak that information to anyone else they will be executed.  Please take notice that no system is perfect and we can’t absolutely, positively guarantee the security of all information.  There is a thirteen year old computer genius attempting to hack into the system as we speak but when he does he will receive a fifty thousand volt shock.  Cool, eh?  To report any intrusion or for questions concerning security please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sharing and Disclosure of your Personal Stuff

myEbar.net will not share or sell or in any way disclose any information you give us with any third party unless it is deemed absolutely necessary for national security.  Yeah, right, Mr. Bush.  Such as, to conform to legal requirements or possibly to respond to search warrants, subpoenas, or some such other legal process.  We will use that info to enforce our rules and regulations. If we decide you are not playing nice you will be kicked off the site.  This is supposed to be fun not scary.  We will protect all members with our very lives!

Here’s What the Lawyers Say

Every once in a while we might change the rules on you, kind of like the credit card people do, but we will make every attempt to let you know ahead of time.  We will post these changes on the site and email you as well.  Knowledge is power.  You should always know what information we collect and how we use it and who we might share it with.  We expect you to be bound to the site by blood for minor changes. If anything major comes up, well, we’ll talk.

Contacting myEbar.net

If you have any questions or comments about the site, privacy of your own, practices of the site or its officers please contact us at; This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 888-353-7924

Last Updated ( Monday, 07 July 2008 )
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