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Rocko Profile Page
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Phone #: 888-353-7924
State: OH
City: Cleveland
About Me
Official Name: Reginald "Rocko" Ebarski
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Bouncer and head of security for myebar.net
Always dressed to kill, with a well pressed suit, shined shoes, and a menacing pair of shades, Rocko is one tough son of a gun. Born on January 19th (Year unknown) in a cheap buffet restaurant in Iowa, Rocko was born with an attitude, and has an acute dislike for poorly prepared, overcooked food, kept warm by the glow of a heating lamp.
His security training is unsurpassed; he has a keen eye for BS, and fake ID’s. Rocko’s self defense skills are unmatched and rarely tested. Very little is known about how he became to be so formidable, he never speaks of his past, and there is no one who has tangled with him that can still talk, or write down what they encountered.
Members of myebar.net and people of age will have no problem with “Rocko” unless they break the few rules or try to harass another member. He is the kind of guy that off the clock will sit at the bar with you and buy you a drink. He knows all the best places to go, and to hang out in. Whatever you are in the mood for he will always know where to send you. Just know that he will never send you to a less than reputable place, and will NEVER send you to a cheap buffet restaurant, and I would advise you never to ask him too.
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OFFLINE Bloom Bakery
OFFLINE Gianni Baccis
OFFLINE The Donut Whole
OFFLINE Paulys Pizzeria and Subs
OFFLINE Kismet Bistro
OFFLINE Hilton tavern Brewing Co
OFFLINE Crafted Taphouse/Kitchen
OFFLINE Cafe Carambola
OFFLINE Seasons of Coeur d Alene
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What are you doing

Rocko is keeping out the undesirables.

- 3048 days ago
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The Peppermill Grill
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Created On: 03/13/2009 10:56:16

Hey Rocko, How are things?

Averell Carter
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Created On: 08/26/2008 23:37:19

Maaaaaaan don't bleepin bleep bleep bleep my bleeper, It's all good

David Beck
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Created On: 08/22/2008 22:40:15

Rocko, thanks for all the hard work, and keeping myebar a safe place to be.

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